Friday, May 4, 2012

We are Parents...AGAIN!

(NOTE: Due to recent changes in the Blogger platform, our formatting is not working. Sorry!) Random thoughts from the Philippines: Greetings! We are on day 4 of parenthood to 2 toddler boys. Everyone is doing well . The boys are down for a nap, so I thought I would give a short update, first on our experience here in Manila and also on the boys: *It is hot and humid! There is a thick smog here in the city that makes the city hazy and burns your nose when outside. *Almost everyone speaks English here :) *There are many employees at each establishment/business, employees are dressed to the T, and all the decor is very well appointed and modern in style. *We have never seen such an amazing continental breakfast. Hopefully Scott will post pictures soon. The number and varieties of food were simply amazing. *Luke was called "Lukas" at the orphanage. He is such a cute little wiggle worm. He is very, very inquisitive. He is nonverbal and quiet but loves to giggle. This boy can eat. He is a master with a fork and a spoon and can chow down with the best of them! He is walking very well. He loves to play with matchbox cars and likes board books. *Jansen's smile lights up a room. He is very loud and has lots and lots of questions about anything and everything. He often talks so fast that it is hard to understand him. The most common two phrases/conversations involve 1) going potty (which is at least once an hour while awake!) and 2)cars/airplanes. He loves to play, especially with Daddy. We have gotten a glimpse of some the results of his past trauma and wounds. He is asking for us to hold him when he is scared. We are seeing him beginning to trust us to meet his needs/comfort him. Please continue to pray for us as we continue to adjust and also for our long flight back to the U.S. The 16 hour flight was almost unbearable for me--an adult! I cannot fathom how this travel and time change will affect the boys. Jo Anna

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