Tuesday, July 28, 2015

"High fives for Luke" T-shirt fundraiser and story behind it

For those of you that don't know Luke's story, he was adopted internationally 3 years ago at 28 months old. He was born deaf, diagnosed at 1 year old and had no mode of communication. It has been a long and unexpected journey trying to figure out the puzzle pieces that make up Luke! About 18 months ago, he was diagnosed with severe autism and Usher Syndrome-a genetic condition that causes blindness in early adulthood. Luke requires extensive autism therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy that are necessary to help him gain skills to be all that God has created him to be. He has no understanding of safety at this point and has great deficits in communication and social areas. He requires constant hands on attention. In the last year, he has made good progress in all areas of development! North Carolina is one of only a few states in which medical insurance companies are not required to cover autism therapy. All told, his therapies are over $2,000 a month. We are on a Medicaid waiting list that is 8-9 years long. We are now on year two of paying for his therapies and are tapped out! We would be so thankful if you could help support Luke's cause by purchasing a T-shirt!

It takes a village. Thank you dear ones.

-Jo Anna and family