Monday, March 12, 2012

God-Style Multiplication and Other News

****UPDATE: Thanks in part to you, and in full to our God we have raised  over $3,000 to bring our sons L & J home! The giveaway is officially over. We should be traveling in around a month to the Philippines to give our sons a forever home.

And the "winner"  of the giveaway is #127  Kathy Bartony!!! See widget below.

Other wonderful news we received over the last 2 weeks:
*L & J have their medical appointments for their visas on March 14th
*L & J have their appointment at the Embassy on March 19th
*Our sons know we are coming! We were told this week that J in particular is "very eager" for our arrival. There was another family at the orphanage this week and when they left he cried thinking it was us. The caseworkers pulled out our photo and reassured him that we had not yet come. The ICAB worker said J has "worn out" our photo by showing it to everyone - "bragging" about his new family!
*We have learned that the orphanage is teaching Luke American Sign Language and that he has learned a few basic signs!
*My ankle is healing and the results of the multitude of medical tests I had all came back normal!
*We are so thankful and humbled as we are reminded that all we have is a gift from God and the example of so many of YOU to hold loosely, to give freely and eagerly is remarkable. To God be the Glory!

Jo Anna