Sunday, October 21, 2012

Luke's Hearing Birthday 10/16/12 and Progress

There was much anticipation and excitement leading up to activation day. This is the day when the audiologists turn on the cochlear implants and Luke begins to hear! Our family of 6 arrived, along with a good neighbor friend.

The audiologists had to play 5 test sounds and also record measurements in each ear with the sound processors on. Luke cried and screamed and kicked. He tried to pull them off. He vomited at least 4 times there at the office. I guess I shouldn't have fed him breakfast-but our activation time was 10:45am!

The audiologist said everything looked great. But Luke was so scared. This was VERY TRAUMATIC for him. We couldn't even get both CIs on him at the same time. We took a long break between each ear. They set the first 4 programs and showed us some basics. The audiologists told us not to have him wear them home. They told us to get him lunch and a nap. Then try to put at least one on (hopefully both) and try to get at least 2 hours total time with them on today hopefully while doing something fun.

I was very anxious as what would happen after his nap. Praise God, despite some resistance, we got a total of 2 hours of wear on the first day! We are gradually increasing his "wear time". Yesterday, we got up to 8 hours on. Our goal would be 12 hours on a day.

Here are some pictures of Activation Day.

Here are some pictures taken the next day.

We thank God for this wonderful gift!
Jo Anna