Wednesday, September 18, 2013

One year ago today!!!

One year ago today, Luke had bilateral cochlear implant surgery. We weren't exactly sure how things would ultimately turn out. With joy we can say that we have seen our child come out of his shell, embrace life and interact with others. It is remarkable to even recognize the same boy from one year ago.

I would like to highlight some of Luke's accomplishments since May 2012 (when he joined our family) and September 18, 2012 (CI surgery):

*Luke has gone from size 12-18 months clothing to now wearing 3T clothes.

*He has gone from having little to no eye contact to full engagement most of the time.

*Luke now tries new foods and has added many new foods to his diet (except vegetables--still refuses them all).

*He has grown physically strong and mastered many large motor activities such as running and alternating feet going up/down the stairs.

*Luke recognizes his name and turns when called.

*He cooperates in speech therapy and preschool activities.

*Luke gives hugs and grabs a hand to hold.

*He understands many basic phrases and words.

*Luke is beginning to mimic sounds on demand.

*He makes sounds and babbles like a baby of 9-12 months.

*He understands that we are his family and that he is loved.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

-Jo Anna